Social Distancing -- Doggie Digs insures we maintain a "hands free" minimum distance of six foot (6 ft.) via an extended leash during the transfer of pets between the groomer and our furry friend's owners.  We also use face masks and gloves during every transfer/exchange of our furry friends.  Additionally, we accept electronic payments via Venmo and Square.  For check/cash payments, we simply ask our dog owners to leave the payment where it's easily accessible when we return your clean, fluffy, furry friend!!


Sterile environment:  Our grooming salon and equipment is sterilized after each one of our furry friends is groomed.  Doggie Digs maintains a sterilization unit within the grooming salon to ensure grooming tools and equipment are bacteria/germ free.


Sanitization:  After each dog is groomed we clean all surfaces of the grooming salon with antibacterials/disinfectants.  Additionally, at the end of each day, our Doggie Digs grooming salon undergoes a thorough deep cleaning that entails antibacterials, disinfectants and cleaning of the ventilation filters utilized on our air conditioning and vented fans.