Spa Day Includes:

  • Gentle  Face Wash
  • All Natural Shampoo and Conditioning (Coat Specific)
  • Ears & Eyes Cleaned
  • Nail Trim and/or Nail Grinding
  • Pads trimmed
  • Bath, Brush and Blow Out
  • Customized Haircut
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Anal glands expressed (as appropriate)
  • Dematting (after 20 minutes additional costs)
  • Deshedding (after 20 minutes additional costs)
  • Bow or Bandana 

DeMatting:  $1 a minute after 20 minutes

Prices vary depending on breed, size, coat condition, temperament, and complexity of groom.  Click the "Grooming Button" below for approximate prices.

Grooming Price List